Adryanna B. Ciera                       Bronze Sculpture




Adryanna has had a lifelong passion for horses statring from age three when her Mom gave her a pony named Topper. She went on to work for 20 plus years with some of the most beautiful and noted Arabian horses in this country. Sculpting is a way to stay connected with the horses that she loves so much.


She enjoys working in clay and watching what is in her imagination come to life in the form before her. Although horses are a favorite subject, she is is enjoying sculpting the beauty she sees in wildlife and creating playful stories with stylized human forms. It is Adryanna's goal to transfer feelings of joy and reverence for life to the viewers of her art through the art itself. Art is about creating beauty and transfering  those feelings to each other, creating connections and assisting each other to live lives of beauty and joy. "My wish is for people to be lifted a little higher when they experience my art."

Nature Spirit
Blissful Heart
Desert Dance

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What's New



Zen Mountain Gallery will be featuring fine art ceramicist Hans Miles as featured artist for April Art Walk.

Hans Miles was raised in Prescott, Arizona in a family of artists, and has been creating, and destroying, since day one. Fascinated with the mechanical, the natural design and deconstruction, the unknown and the novelty, Hans brings a very special and highly idiosyncratic style to every facet of his expression.

These strong reverberations of style can be found in his approach to the ceramic medium. From chaotically executed sculptures imbued with moments of intensity and marks of insanity, to his highly controlled and meticulously planned atmospheric firings: this artist strives to relay an evocative narrative with each and every piece. As the lead lab technician at ASU Hans has developed many different fringing styles and glaze recipes completely unique to himself, but is far from ending his search into the many pockets of forgotten knowledge within the ceramic arts.

His current works intend to explore even deeper the essence and science of atmospheric firing, a process invented in Europe in the 14th century and involving the introduction of volatile elements like sodium, potassium and calcium into the kiln at a temperature exceeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of firing can result in immeasurable chemical reactions inside the kiln like color changes, crystal growth, glass deposits and a little understood process known as ‘flashing’. Sprinkled into these works are moments of quiet inspiration, loud bursts of recklessness and a subtle charm that makes his work so accessible and interesting.

Please Join Zen Mountain gallery for wine and hors d’oeuvres as we welcome Hans Miles to the gallery for a demonstration and extensive selection of his work.